Storage FAQ's in Bermuda Public Storage

Does Bermuda Public Storage provide a lock for the storage space?
Yes, we have locks on site for sale.

Does anyone else have a key?
No, you are the only one with access to your unit.

What are your payment options?
We accept cash, Master Card, Visa, debit cards, checks and automatic debit.

Am I renting the space monthly or am I on a lease?
BPS is here to cater to all your storage requirements whether it's month to month or an annual leasing.

Are there any penalties for late payments and bounced checks?
Yes, a charge of $25 would be applied to your account after a grace period of 7 days. For bounced checks a $35.00 fee would be applied.

What is the minimum rental period?
Minimum rental is 1 month, which after the price would be prorated.

Do you have a trucking service?
We can refer a trucking service to you.

What can I store at BPS?
You can store almost everything as long as it is nonhazardous. For individuals renovating BPS is ideal for temporarily storing furniture and possessions. If you need to create extra space in your home, a 10' x 10' unit at BPS will serve as an extension to your home to store those possessions not used regularly. BPS is also ideal for business customers needing space for inventory, office furniture and files storage.

What cannot be stored at BPS?
Any hazardous materials or highly flammable liquids.

What type of security features do you offer?
BPS offers state of the art security with 24hr camera surveillance

When can I have access to my goods?
24hr access is available.

Do you have help onsite?
There is an office on site and open during regular business hours for your convenience, but all customers would be responsible for their own goods.

Do you provide carts to help move stuff?
Yes, we have trolleys, forklifts and pallet-jacks on site for your convenience.

Do you require an ID to rent a storage unit?
Yes, ID is required when renting a storage unit.

Do you have supplies onsite?
Yes, we have storage supplies onsite for your convenience
Use this tool to help you decide what size storage unit is required for your items.
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